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70% of smartphone owners use Facebook - LIME IMCLIME IMC

70% of smartphone owners use Facebook

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61% of respondents who use Facebook do so every day. Facebook engagement is highest over the weekend from Friday through Sunday when it peaks. Often, this communication is asynchronous.

Respondents use social media all day long during a wide variety of work and non-work activities. Not surprisingly, Facebook dominates followed by Twitter and to a much lesser extent LinkedIn.

 IDC-Social and connected all day longIDC-Social means social

Over the course of a week, respondents spent about a quarter of their mobile communication time on Facebook or just over a half an hour. Top Facebook activities involve content snacking or grazing to keep up with connections. Participants averaged 13.8 Facebook sessions per day each lasting an average of two minutes and twenty-two seconds.

For marketers, these facts are critical. While participants spend a quarter of their communication time on Facebook, it’s done in a lot of short bursts where the user’s main focus is their timeline. Marketers take heed. Consumers spend a lot of time on Facebook but it’s in short bursts of content snacking. Your content on Facebook must be able to break through the newsfeed clutter and be easy-to-consume.IDC-Facebook Always Connected.pdf - File Shared from BoxIDC-We are always connected

The top Facebook activities that were used multiple times a day included checking personal Facebook timelines and responding to friends’ comments and posts. One-third of Facebook users message friends directly. Additionally, they use games and check out apps.IDC-Facebook Always Connected-Activities

Most Facebook users spent the greatest proportion of their Facebook time on their timelines. This activity was almost twice as much as any other Facebook function. So while our phones keep us connected, we’re really focused on ourselves and how we’re viewed by others. The data shows that we’re more outwardly focused on the weekends than during the week. IDC-Where we  Connected - Activities

If you’re using Facebook as part of your social media marketing strategy, understand that a good proportion of your audience will be viewing your content on a smartphone. Therefore ensure that it’s mobile friendly.

Have you considered the implications of mobile usage on your Facebook marketing strategy? If so, what have you done and why?

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