60 seconds in Social Media

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Nicholas Cage would have trouble driving this lot away. Every minute in social media there are millions of interactions taking place –  they happen on Pinterest, Foursquare, Flickr, Tagged, LinkedIn,StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as detailed by this nice infographic here detailing what can happen in a mere 60 seconds in social media.

How many Tweets do you reckon? Enough that if you read them all it would take days to get through them all.  And forget about Facebook with 700,000 messages you could be there for weeks.

source: http://www.socialjumpstart.com/2012/02/60-in-social-media/
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  1. mike wolpert says:

    Thanks for featuring our graphic ” :60 Seconds in Social Media ” – we appreciate you helping to spread the word! We also do a weekly TV show on cable all about Social Media, you might enjoy it! http://www.socialjumpstart.com/tv/

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