Keyword niche developed for “TMJ Pain”

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An online educational mp3 seller wanted to expand its offerings into several "long-tail" keyword niches. In order to make its new niche products profitable, it would be important to not only sell the products on the company's main website, but also to create highly focused websites targeted to the new niches. In addition, a top google ranking would be necessary for each new website.


The first goal was to launch one product "Eliminate TMJ Pain Now," and to do so both quickly and cheaply so the potential for new niche products could be ascertained. As the company already had the product created as well as some initial sales copy, it would only be necessary to register an appropriate URL, create the website and engage in search engine optimization.


Keyword research and consultations with the company's owner yielded two simple keyword phrases that would match the exact intent of a searcher looking for the website. Luckily, both keyword phrases were available as URLs. The shortest URL was chosen and a website was created. Given the desire to keep costs low, a simple Wordpress blog was used as the core for the site.

A static landing page was created as well as several blog posts related to the product and its keyword niche. On-page SEO was done. This included optimizing the title tags, image tags and text in order to send a clear message to the search engines regarding the landing page's main keyword. As this project was primarily a test, incoming SEO links were not purchased, though the company was able to create links to the new website from several of its own web properties.


Within the first week the website achieved a #4 listing for its most important keyword phrase and it sold 3 of its new products. This was in addition to 3 sales for the product made on the company's primary eCommerce store.

And So…

Though the sales for the new product were small, they were more than enough to justify the investment in SEO and landing page creation. The company plans on creating more niche mp3 products and selling them via the same strategy. Next steps are to increase the current website's google ranking by increasing the number of incoming links as well as to increase the website conversion rate via landing page optimization.

Less is more

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Sometimes a few words are more than enough ...