Pinterest is going local in France !

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Pinterest introduced a localized version of its website for France on Tuesday, the first non-English edition of its site.

While the French version does offer language support in search and other text-heavy areas of the site, the French edition’s main aim is to provide a more localized community experience for users in the country, an e-mailed statement from Pinterest suggests. The platform will feature content from French domains and pins with French-language descriptions more prominently in search and on category pages, as well as pins from local users. To kick off the launch, Pinterest sent a team to Paris this week to help build awareness of the service in the country. The San Francisco-based startup also partnered with some 300 bloggers to write guest posts and promote the site through a “Pin It Forward” campaign.

The French edition will automatically appear to those connecting to with a French IP address. Pinterest does not appear to own the domain.

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